Semper EVE gets syndicated! Writer retires, marries playboy bunnies

Yes. That’s bunnies. As in plural. As in more than one. Shut up and let me live the dream.

I’m not quite sure what syndication means, but I’m reasonably sure that’s not what just happened. Syndication ought to mean some sort of payday, of which there was none. I did, however, just get added to CrazyKinux’s blogroll of insanely cool blogs about EVE.

The process was a long and hard one. First I had to post a comment asking about being added to aforementioned list. Then I had to wait. And not before I had waited for a couple of hours (allowing for CrazyKinux to wake up, being in a different timezone and all) did I finally get added.

Alas, fear not. Hardship only makes me stronger.

Talking of CrazyKinux, shouldn’t he and the rest of The Drone Bay gang release another podcast soon? I gather they recorded an episode last Sunday. And talking of podcasts, you seen Winterblink’s RL Megathron yet? Makes me want to buy an airplane ticket, fly all the way over to Canada (he’s Canadian, right?) and steal it. Then me and me bunnies will fly off with it into the sunset and live happily ever after.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Semper EVE gets syndicated! Writer retires, marries playboy bunnies”

  1. Welcome to the fold my friend….MEEEHEHEHEHUHUHUHUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  2. Thank you, thank you 🙂 Do I have to learn that manic laughter myself or are there some sort of Blogrollsponsored courses I can take?

  3. Congrats on getting on the blogroll.

  4. Thanks. Altho it’s not *the* blogroll. Need someone to topple over from the blog pack to even have a chance of getting unto that precious list. 😉

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