Too much EVE, too little sleep

Last night I stayed up a little bit too long, thus effectively making today’s morning quite cumbersome. The reason I stayed up so late is that I was playing EVE. I was… mining.

Now, many people trying out or playing EVE find mining to be the most boring thing to do this side of the pearly gates. I respectfully disagree.

Ok, so it’s perhaps not the most exciting thing in the world, and certainly you don’t get your adrenaline flowing from smashing ‘roids and killing the occasional rat that comes by. But even so, I find it quite enjoyable.

There are a few things that elevate mining from mindnumbingly boring into an enjoyable, and even fun, experience:

  • mine in a group. Not only does this give you someone to talk to, chat away the time with, but it also gives you access to leadership bonuses (increasing your yield, thus increasing your isk/hour), and it also probably gives you a hauler, which means you can…
  • jetcan mine. No going back and forth between belts and drop-off point here. Simply place yourself at a good spot within a belt and blast away. Not only is this more efficient, it also means you’re free to do other stuff, such as chat, or do some data mining whilst mining, researching the market, do calculations, whatever strikes your fancy.

Umm, yeah. That’s all it takes for me. Guess I’m easily entertained. Of course, everything in EVE, or any other MMORPG, becomes a lot more fun if you do it together with someone else. It’s the whole multiplayer part of it, I guess.

I have no idea how much ore we gathered up last night, but I reckon it was “quite a bit”. My personal goal was to completely wipe out a belt, but alas, sleep deprivation got to me before I was quite finished. Oh well.

CEO asked me to do some exploration, track down a gravimetric site to give us some Omber. I agreed and set about doing just that this morning. True to form I got slightly sidetracked.

First off, I needed some more probes. I also figured that I might as well get myself the probe BPOs, saving me shopping trips in the long run, and even some isk in the extremely long run. Once I had everything gathered I began probing.

Now, this is quite a timeconsuming exercise. By the way, if you want to know more about the subject of exploration than what I’m offering here (which won’t be much), take a look at this excellent guide.

Basically, first thing I have to do is to drop a multispectral probe and do a scan. This takes time. The upshot is that once the analyzis is done, I know for sure wheter there are an exploration sites in the system, and also what types there are (unless the site’s type is Unknown, but details shmetails). if no sites are found at this time, i simply move along to the next system and repeat the process.

Now, my initial goal was to find a gravimetric site, since these are the ones I’ve understood contains asteroid belts. The belts in these sites contain ore not otherwise found in systems with this security rating. For instance, if you find a gravimetric site in a 0.7 security Amarr system, it contains ore that would otherwise require a 0.5 or 0.6 security Amarr system. Yay for the little things.

I got lucky this time around and imediately scored an exploration site, of the Unknown kind. I was inclined to let it go, since an Unknown site can be any type of the available four (see the guide I linked to above). But eh, what the heck, I figured, and began chasing it down. This takes different types and sizes of probes, a bit of planning, and quite a bit of patience.

Some 20 minutes later I had found the site and warped on top of it. Sadly, the only thing I saw was an acceleration gate. Pouting a bit I decided to pop in with my cov ops frigate and have a look-see.

A few veldspar asteroids, another acceleration gate and, meh, 3 Sansha pirates. Being alone, unarmed but unafraid I set course for the other gate, but I must’ve gotten too close to some other object because suddenly my cloak was gone and the pirates had begun targeting me. Swiftly I chose brains over brawns and warped away. Not giving it a moment’s thought I decided to hop into a combat ship. Not having anything with oompf readily available I figured that an Executioner might do the trick.

I was wrong. Or if nothing else my ship fitting was quite inadequate. Two pulse lasers, a named afterburner, a cap recharger, small armor repairer and a heat sink. Dunno, I figured this wold be a walk in the park. The first room kind of was, but I noticed serious capacity drainage, meaning I had to flick on and flick off modules constantly, completely unable to waste an extra cycle on my repairer or afterburner if I wanted my frickin’ lazers to keep firing.

I hopped into the next room and there it was basically more of the same, although I did see scordite now too. The initial two rats here were a bit thougher, and since I hadn’t given my shield time to recharge they were pretty much eating into my armor from the get go. And then more ships began warping in. And this is where I called it quits.

I could’ve taken them, at least if I had taken another ship to begin with 😉 Or just had more skills, but on Shaun, and as a pew-pew player. But nevermind that. Reason I quit was that I was uncertain wheter there was anything worthwhile to be had in this site to begin with. I tried peeking at a database over known types of exploration sites, but I couldn’t fine the one I had stumbled upon.

My best guess is that this was a combat site of sorts, which eventually would have spawned a rat that would’ve dropped some sort of faction loot. But I’m at a loss. Anyone able to help me out on this?

If it’s just rats and trash, I’ll leave it be and see if I can’t find a gravimetric site instead somewhere else. But on the offchance that I’m being stupid and there’s some sort of hackable/salvageable/archeology thingie going, then me wants it.

Currently training: Gallente Industrial V (11 days 10 hours remaining)


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Too much EVE, too little sleep”

  1. Unknowns are ALWAYS plexes of varying degrees of difficulty and always accessed by an acceleration gate. I believe if you Show Info on an accel gate, it might tell you what size ships are allowed in, which gives some clue as to its difficult (as does activating the gate which typically results in a popup message providing that important little detail).

    Gravimetric sigs indicate the presence of asteroid belts–if you’re looking for something juicy to mine, those are the only ones worth tracking down. I’ve done exploration for a long time…gimme a shout anytime if you have questions.

  2. Thanks for the info. 🙂

    I also noticed today that if I open up the system map once I’ve found the acceleration gate to an Unknown site, the map will have a small bubble with the name of the particular site in it.

    I took you up on the offer, and have mailed you ingame with some other questions 😉

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