I am more than enough for me

I’m going to take some time to write about the awesomness of EVE.

EVE has no class(es)

One of the things that is sure to confuse gamers used to mmorpgs in general is that EVE doesn’t have any classes, as such. In character generation you don’t choose wheter to be a warrior, a mage, a healer or whatever. You do pick out your character’s background, but that only determines your starting skills and attributes. Once you start playing you can train any skills you want.

You’re not stuck with the choice you made in character generation. You can be anything.

Oh, you also pick your race. This doesn’t determine anything besides the look of your avatar, your starting point, and your starting skills.

Sure, so if you start with Minmatar starting skills you might later want to start training Amarr related skills (and face it, who wouldn’t want to fly Amarr ships?) – but aside from training the ship related skills, Amarr Frigate, Amarr Cruiser and so on, you’ll also have to train up on a new weapon’s system. For example, Minmatar ships often give bonuses to projectile weapons, whilst Amarr ships tend to give bonuses to energy weapons. So it’s an investment in time and effort, but atleast it’s possible. All I’m saying.

See, were I to log unto World of Warcraft now and pull up the character selection screen for my server of choice (Laughing Skull EU, in case you want to know) I’d be faced with no less than eight different characters, one from each class available. The reason for that is if and when I wanted to try something new I had no other choice but to create a new character and start grinding levels again.

Granted, grinding levels can be fun, because of the whole instan gratification thing. You feel your character advancing. EVE doesn’t offer that, I’m afraid.

But the thing is, I can specialize on anything I want in EVE. Say I want to be focusing on DPS. Well, then I start training skills that will raise my potential DPS. What if I want to focus on invention? Well guess what, I’ll just start training skills in that field instead.

I’m not a mage or a rogue – I’m a capsuleer, the closest thing there is to a god in this universe. Immortality is my gift and my burden, and the infinite wastness of space is my playing ground.

The power of 2, and alts in general

Even so, there are alts in EVE. Alts are used for a number of things. Scamming, ore theft, less popular duties such as hauling or cynosural field generation (cynosural fields are deployed in a system to let capital ships with jump drives lightyears away lock unto them and hop over in an instant. Or so I think. I’ve never seen this happen) and so on. The most popular use for alts seem to be forum warfare, but that’s another subject entirely.

It is, however, only possible to train a skill on one character per account. Also, you cannot have two characters from the same account logged on at the same time. Some EVE players actually play two or more characters at the same time, and thus also pay for these separate accounts each month. I understand the rationale for this, but it is not for me.

CCP, in their magnanimous wisdom and generosity, thus offers the Power of 2 program, which allows for a player to setup the subscription for a secondary account at a discount. I suppose this potentially could be usefulfor households with more than one EVE player as well, but am unsure what the EULA says about that.

I suppose it’s quite common to use alts for less reputable activities in EVE. Your name and your reputation is important, and if you want to go and grief newbies in between your POS warfare sessions you might be more comfortable using a throw-away character, so that you can eat the proverbial cake whilst keeping it.

Swiss army knife characters

So the end result is that your character will slowly evolve towards a true MacGuyver – capable of handling anything and anyone, of course provided you have the isk to buy the ships and modules, without which you’re nothing. And this is the reason I’m happy with playing just one character in EVE. Well, that and the fact that my computer cannot handle more than one EVE client running, and I really can’t see myself spending more money / month on a computer game, and that I’m unsure what the hell, exactly, to do with another character.

Maybe flip a few cans in empire space….?

Ok, so I won’t give up the idea of an alt entirely.

Currently training: Gallente Industrial V (8 days 10 hours remaining)


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “I am more than enough for me”

  1. Alts are absolutely necessary when living in low sec, as I do. Speaking of alts, I had some guy respond on the EVE-O forums to a thread I made about my explo blog post. He said “I hate when people brag how good they do when metagaming … take a corp mate/friend at least if you have to use 2 chars … the amount of alts used on 2nd clients is killing the game …” I totally didn’t follow his logic at all. Using two alts to work together is metagaming? How? How is my paying CCP for two accounts rather than one ruining the game? My additional support contributes to their ability to keep improving the game, the way I see it.

    Anyway…I love the fact that an Eve character can evolve through training (an experience) to be multi-faceted; this reflects the way we evolve in real life and very much adds to the immersion factor. Not to mention the addiction factor, in the form of working out wonderfully complicated skill plans in EVEMon!

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