Why I won’t anger my boss, ever

Last night I had some ore stolen from me. This was my own fault.

See, the belts were thin, almost empty in fact. So I had a half-filled can, right? And my hauler was afk so I just moved to the other end of the belt to keep mining. While I was there, a Bestower warped in and swooped the contents of my can and warped off.

I chuckled, shrugged, said what happened on fleet channel, and then docked and logged off. Me logging off had a lot more to do with the fact that House was on, rather than me being upset over the loss of some 60k units of pyroxeres.

After I logged off, the following happened:

  • My CEO went “huh?” and gathered up some of his friends.
  • Friends tracked down the ore thief and had a talk with him.
  • Ore thief mouthed back.
  • Ore thief’s corp mate got pressured into giving back the ore.
  • Ore thief’s corp mate then proceeds to pod said ore thief.
  • CEO shows me the corpse the next day.

Mind you, I wasn’t even mad. Truth is I probably wouldn’t have rememberd the whole thing if I hadn’t had an evemail waiting for me the next day, and my CEO explaining matters to me.

Yeah. He should get his temper checked.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “Why I won’t anger my boss, ever”

  1. That is one awesome CEO. His response was spot-on.

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