A mining op in a system far far away

Word came that we were gonna do something a bit different this Sunday. A mining op, scheduled, and in a stationless system, none the less.

We usually don’t schedule our ops. Our membership numbers are low (if you want to change that, have a look at our recruitement thread, hint hint), and since we’re spread out over the timezones as well it becomes a bit of a hassle planning for having people on at the same time. We do tend to be on at the same time, however, atleast for a few hours every night. It all depends, RL > EVE after all.

But anyway, this Sunday, today in fact, we’re going to go about this properly. I’ve already scouted the system and made a few bookmarks I hope I’ll have reason to use later tonight. So for now it’s just a matter of tending to real life (that is, dinner) and wait for hour H.


I took my Survey Scanner II from my hulk and put it on my Anathema to use for some quick surveying, checking the size of the rocks. Which of course could only mean than when the op started and I was warping into a well-prepared bookmark with my Hulk… I was without a survey scanner.

Well well.

Once again, my CEO came to the rescue, sending his alt after a brand new scanner for me. I feel quite n00bish over the whole ordeal. But absendminded iRL, abesentminded online.

But now everything is fine and we’re settling in. Four hulks and two haulers, cleaning house. And Dune Prequel – House Atreides audiobook on Winamp. A miner’s life for me.

Yeah, I really could use premium gfx. Then I'd have a much nicer looking ship to cover up with windows.

Not a marketable screenshot.

Funnily enough, seeing as we’re only mining in high sec right now (so no, no real risk of pirates here), the biggest challenge is one of logistics, and bookkeeping. There’re no stations here, so the haulers have to go to a neighbouring system to deposit the ore. And our CEO is keeping track on who’s mining what and how much, so that in the end, pay can be divided fairly.

This is a 0.9 system, meaning there are no rats and no POSes, and since there are no stations the only people here other than us seem to be players travelling through. Quiet and out of harms way, that’s what we care bears like.

But back to the subject on paperwork. What kind of systems are everyone else using? Is it spreadsheet bonanza that’s the flavor of month, or some sort of in-game browser bookkeeping tool? Or is everyone solo macro-mining? At some point I really need to look into corporation management. So far it’s not too hard, since we’re, as mentioned, quite few. But if and when we grow in numbers… yeah, might be a bit more difficult keeping tabs on everything then.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 12, 2008.

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