Certificates and medals on Singularity

While CCP has been extremely tightlipped about when and where patch 1.2 is coming, some intrepid explorer has found that the certificates and medals bound to come are now deployed on the test server, Singularity.

The forum thread (with screenshots) is after this link.

There’s a lot of talk about it being unnecessary, and yes, that’s true, it’s all fluff. But it’s fluff that I, personally, want. It’s also a bit of an isk-sink. From what I gather it’s 25M to create a medal, and 1M to issue it to someone. So that’s a bit expensive just for decoration.

Hopefully the medals vill be visible (or there will be an option to have them visible, rather) on players’ uniforms and clothes once Ambulation hits. Yay for useless things that don’t upset the balance of internet spaceships.

Update: A dev blog on the subject is up. I haven’t read it yet tho.

And another update: oooh… look at the storefront?


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 13, 2008.

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