CCP drops a bomb, kills “ghost training”

So, uuh, yesterday’s big news was definitely the fact that CCP is closing the shop on so called “ghost training”. That is, the practise of putting on a long skill to train whilst the subscription (for whatever reason) lapses. The meaning being, of course, that the player later on can reactivate the account and get back into the game, and reap the benefits of whatever training has been done during his or her absence.

This decision isn’t popular.

It’s also questioned how CCP can call this a bug that needs to be fixed after it has been listed as a feature for some time. Some players claim to have been able to ghost train for five years.

Skills continue training even if you are logged off or if your account is inactive

– quoted from the link right above

I have trouble making up my mind on this matter, so I won’t try and formulate anything either pro or con here. Sorry.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 14, 2008.

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