Online, EVE Online – pressrelease released on new expansion

It is a quantum thing

It is a quantum thing

Quantum Rise. Sounds like a Star Trek episode. It is, in fact, the upcoming Winter expansion for EVE Online, which so far only has been known by its codename MIDAS.

For the full pressrelease follow this link.

Among other things, the expansion will include the following:

  • It’s free (so take that, you-know-who)
  • it does not contain Walking in Stations (as some might have hoped)
  • it’s all about industry, which I like
  • It introduces the Orca, which is supposed to be cool and rad and all kinds of nice things
  • Weapon linking, allowing for easier handling of weapons and less carpal tunnel syndrome, FINALLY

Oh, and storefronts for corporations, which while cool I’m not really sure will affect my personal gaming style any. Well, that might also have to do with the corp mainly being into mining as of right now, but we’re moving into manufacturing. You’ll see. You’ll come to worship our products.

There’s a forum thread discussing the expansion here. It is, of course, filled with asshats playing Forum: The Whine, but don’t mind them.

Actual details and such can possibly be datamined from the eve-online website our throughout the blogosphere, but nothing’s set in stone, and I don’t think we’ll see anything tasty until during or just after fanfest. For those who are going I have a wish: hook up a laptop and a webcam, let me join you through the intertubes. I’ll even be naked if that’s what it takes.

I won’t force anyone to watch. Promise.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Online, EVE Online – pressrelease released on new expansion”

  1. “Forum: The Whine” LMAO. That is *perfect*. I’m looking forward to this expansion as I do all of them, even though it’s more carebear-focused. I do have a carebear alt after all. The storefront feature seems useful to anyone who sells stuff–including pirates seeking to offload their ill-gotten goods.

    I wish I was going to FanFest. I really need to get over this irrational fear of getting into fragile man-made boxes that hurtle through the sky miles above land and sea. Maybe next year. Could combine it with a 10th wedding anniversary touristy trip of a lifetime though what I’d do with my husband while I was fanfesting, I have no idea.

  2. Yeah, the eve-o forums are a real cesspool of whining and bitching and general internetbehaviour. I reckon they’re like that everywhere, but I don’t really know. I do not frequent forums or other places of ill repute that often. Growing tired of it…

    Iceland would rock. I’ve tried floating the idea of Iceland to my SO but it hasn’t taken on quite yet. As for what SOs can do while Fanfest goes down… well there *is* the Siter’s of EVE program, no? 😉

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