Obelisk, obelask, life goes on, brah!

The new gfx engine really makes the Obelisk shine.

The new gfx engine really makes the Obelisk shine.

(title refers, clumsily I admit, to this song, for you youngsters out there)

So there. Finally. Long day’s journey into the night has finally come to an end. For weeks (yes, weeks) I’ve been training Gallente Industrial V. Not for the Iteron V, although that is a bonus, but for the mighty Obelisk. Or, hmm, in fact the Iteron is the reason I went Gallente instead of Amarr, purely because it is superior to the Bestower for hauling duty.

I’m a traitor to my own race, but what to do, what to do.

Of course, now CCP has murmured someting about “industrial ships are being rebalanced and optimized to better suit the needs of haulers and industrialists”. So maybe if only I had waited I could’ve gone Amarr, in case they actually boost the Amarr industrials. Tsk.

Next up, I’m a bit unsure on what to train for. Well, Cybernetics IV is coming up for sure. I want those +4 implants, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten them before. After that probably Mining Foreman for V, and then possibly finishing of Avanced Spaceship Command V. On the offchance that the Orca will be the Next Big Thing I want to make sure I’ve got the skills for it.

There’s a rumor going on about the Orca not being much more than a mini-freighter, in which case it will already be redundant, now that I have freighter-capability. Personally I’m hoping for a ship with gang-link and ore compression capabilities, something that will make mining in those stationless systems a lot more accessible.

I’ve also began lusting after a Command Ship. Black never goes out of style, and hot damn the Damnation is sexay.

Currently training: Uncertain. But it sure as hell ain’t Gallente Industrial V anymore.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Obelisk, obelask, life goes on, brah!”

  1. Good luck on the rebalancing.

  2. […] I’ve been a bit short on isk. Mainly because I bought a frickin’ Obelisk last weekend. So the isk isn’t gone, it’s just not in my wallet. I’ve been peering in my […]

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