A story of woe – datacores are not what they used to be

Way back in the foggy place we call the past I set up an R&D agent to do my bidding and generate research points (RP) for me, so that one day I could return to her and purchase datacores for those RP. Datacores are used for invention, which is one of the steps needed to be performed in order to produce tech 2 items. It used to be so that datacores for mechanical engineering was the shit, the absolute crème de la crème, a real cash cow for the entrepreneuring capsuleer.

Recently I’ve been a bit short on isk. Mainly because I bought a frickin’ Obelisk last weekend. So the isk isn’t gone, it’s just not in my wallet. I’ve been peering in my journal from time to time, taking stock of the amount of RP that has been generated over the better part over a year and smiling whistfully in the knowledge that at any time I could do that trek between the stars and gather up the goods. I’ve also been toying with the idea of training up for research project manager, which would allow for me to have several R&D agents toiling away for my economical benefit. Capital ships, here we come. I’ve even heard of people farming RP to feed their EVE habit, thanks to the ISK for game time program.

So today was thus the day when I decided to make the trip to my trusty low level low quality R&D agent, to reap the rewards of my patience and ability to plan ahead.

I even opted to take my trusty battlecruiser, the Bird of Prey, so as to avoid any pesky suicide gankers on my return trip; eager pirates hungry for the phat loot I’d by then be carrying in my cargohold.

Is there anyone reading this not seeing where this story is headed?

It was 10 jumps to get there, so I opened up the market and checked the price listings for the datacores I was soon to hold in my sweaty palms. The price seemed a bit low, making my shiny forhead wrinkle a bit, but I decided that I simply mis-remembered how many RPs were needed for each datacore. I made an estimate, did some swift calculations, but the result still seemed a bit low. A sneaky suspicion mixed with dread was beginning to form in the pit of my stomach.

My initial plan was to just purchase half of the datacores I could afford, leaving the rest for a rainy day. Imagine my surprise when I was only able to afford 25 of the little babies. 50 RP per datacore? Wow. That threw me off.

This was when I brought forth the calculator, checking my numbers to see if I’ve gotten it all wrong. Nope. Not at all. These 25 datacores would net me somewhere in the region of 9 million isk, total. Which is funny, because the skill required to even be able to generate these specific RPs cost 10 million to begin with. Not bad for a few months investment.

I pulled up the price history for the datacores. And yeah, there it was:

Down you go.

Down you go.

I don’t know what caused that pricedrop. Maybe some old QENs can give me the answer? But I guess that they’ve somehow become too common, or maybe the inventors simply are able to generate enough datacores for themselves, not needing to buy them off the market as much anymore. I don’t know. I just know that I’m getting roughly a fifth of the isk now compared to what I would’ve gotten or the same amount of datacores some 10 months ago. Oh well.

Guess I’ll have to start working for my iskies.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “A story of woe – datacores are not what they used to be”

  1. Or you could just play Eve Online Hold ‘Em. About the same chance of a win as invention or market trading if not better *grin* My alt has a few thousand RPs with her R&D agents … almost not even worth fetching the damn datacores at this point.

  2. I feel real stupid for not being more aware of things than this. I managed to shaft myself 😛

    Perhaps poker is the way to go. Or maybe they got some roulette thing starting up as well? Put down all my iskies on black 😉

  3. You think that’s bad, I spent literally weeks skilling up and running missions for a R&D corp to do this and finished just in time to watch that market go completely to hell.

    It was, by the way, everyone literally discovering datacore farming at roughly the same time that killed it. Too many people trying to sell too many datacores.

    I switched to a different datacore type that seemed to be doing better and have been letting the RP build with several agents for… about a year now actually.

    If I ever resub to EVE, I’ll probably have a few billion ISK worth of RP waiting for me.

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