Remember to vote

There’s a lot of democracy going on right now. That’s bound to make a lot of people annoyed.

Last Sunday I went to my designated voting place and did my thing (candidate didn’t get in tho, shoot). It was the municipal elections, which are paradoxal, because in one way they’re the most important elections (you vote for the people that’re making decisions closest to your home, for crying out loud) but it’s also the most uninspiring one, simply because none of the political parties seem to really care that much.

No matter. Lets talk about more important stuff:

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM)

Now, in all likelihood a large part of the playerbase in EVE isn’t going to vote. A lot of them either don’t care, don’t know or simply “protest” by not voting. So they’re either filled with apathy, ignorance or teenage hormones. This from a community that loves to herald its intelligence and maturity in comparison to playercommunities of other MMOGs.

I admit that I’m filled with a bit of the same feeling when I look at some of the candidates.

That a candidate doesn’t have a personal webpage I can accept. That’s fine. One can either lack the resources or the know-how. That’s perfectly ok. But what about the candidates that didn’t even bother to write a short “hi, vote for me because X and Y”? Was that really too demanding? Not wanting to stay on this point too long, I think we safely can assume that those candidates won’t be representing anyone in the CSM for the upcoming period.

Now I know it might feel as if the CSM isn’t doing much. It’d be much cooler if the CSM could go “hey, do this!” and the next day CCP would have done that. Things doesn’t work like that. I’d imagine that since we have a lot of experts in software development and programming and hardware and whatnot hanging around in the forums gladly sharing their opinions with everyone, we’d all be aware of that right now. But no matter how you vote or if you vote, the CSM will be there and it will be doing someting. Wouldn’t you then rather have someone competent there? Someone who might share your views on things?

Opinions matter

See, that’s the critical part. You probably have some view on the game. What’s the most important part of it? What’s bad? What’s good? What should be changed and what should stay the same? Perhaps you ought to find out which candidate comes the closest to your views? A meeting of the minds, as it were. Atleast this time you can rest easy in the knowledge that there’s no real economical gain for the CSM candidates to be made here (unlike in RL elections, or so a cynical mind can always assume), and they don’t wield power in the same sense, thank god.

Also, the candidates elected will be scrutinized by the rapid dogs that is the Brotherhood of Forum Warriors. I just hope they do some scrutinizing before that.

A few other bloggers have written about this subject a lot more eloquently than me. Mynxee has her soapbox, while PsycheDiver has some good food for thoughts (a few bits of which I think I’ve stolen from him and presented as my own in the text above, so sue me).

Back to reality

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Semper EVE officially endorses Barack Obama for president of the United States. This author is not a citizen of that country, and so cannot vote, except for in made-up elections that show a frightening amount of people voting for Ron Paul, I thought he dropped out already? But if Colbert can do it, then so can I.

[clearspring_widget title=”Decision ’08 Presidential Results” wid=”48ff995c49a30ff2″ pid=”4909894f6b6eb2dd” width=”400″ height=”545″ domain=””]

Yes, there are things more important than EVE.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Remember to vote”

  1. I’ve contacted the Brutor Tribe legal department. They will be contacting you shortly on the matter of IP infringement.

    Seriously though, thanx a bunch for the link. IMHO I think if you know enough to play EVE then you know enough to start a free blog or create a MySpace page. It’s the candidates treating this seriously that should and will get the most attention and get the most done when elected.

  2. Thanks for the link. I have to agree with PsycheDiver–if someone has what it takes to be a proactive, effective member of the CSM, they will show the initiative necessary to convey their message outside the pollution of the forums. Any candidate who lacks the time or desire to create and give regular love to a blog to share their opinions and qualifications does not belong on the CSM. None of those individuals are worth any consideration for my vote.

  3. You’re both very welcome.

    And dagnabbit, I was trying to be nice. The whole no website/blog aspect I believe pales completely compared to the fact that they’re not even representating themselves or their opinions at the candidate *presentation* page.

    After some consideration wheter to concede this argument (I don’t want to be considered a flip-flopper, because there’s no greater sin in politics than *change of mind when faced with arguments*) I guess I have to give in. Setting up even a bad page is something anyone able to pilot an internet spaceship shuld be able to do. And wordpress and sites like it provide the means.

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