CrazyKinux & Eurogamer report from fanfest

Well good thing someone’s doing it. Not that I’ve looked that hard, but finding someone blogging from the scene is not exactly as easy as finding someone whining about the next nerf. I’m sure you all agree.

I just hope they keep it up. And I want hourly updates, damnit, not just once or twice every day. Hop to it! Type those articles! Feed the masses! Or I will know what side you are on once the revolution starts.

CrazyKinux: EVE Fanfest Day 1 – Recap and more, SecWars – An EVE Walking in Station mini-game video

Eurogamer: EVE’s Premium graphics only “half done”

Battleclinic: FanFest 2008 – BattleClinic Reports!

MMORPG: EVE Online: Walking In Stations Presentation (FanFest)

Updated to add Battleclinic.

Updated to add MMORPG. (thanks Mynxee)


~ by Shaun Livingstone on November 7, 2008.

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