Five hours to Quantum

According to my calculations, which might be wrong, timezones are icky, it should be just about another five hours before TQ goes live again, and Quantum Rise will be upon us.

This is likely to be followed by a crash some hours later, since a lot of people will log on and click “claim all certificates” at pretty much the same time, causing something wicked to happen, and down we go. Once TQ is back up again the forums will be flooded by omgemoragequits because of the speed changes or some other concieved slight, thrust upon the loyal and thrifty playerbase by the evil capitalist pig that is CCP.

Everything will, in other words, be back to normal.

I’ll miss the first few hours of QR, and perhaps a crash or two (or not, they seem to be focusing quite a deal on the tech side of things these days), but once I wake up I’ll be eager to take a peek before tending to RL.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on November 11, 2008.

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