Oh the irony

I like irony as much as the next man. Perhaps even more so. So imagine my delight when I wanted to use the bug report function on the eve-online homepage, and realized that it wasn’t working.


So anyway, I was going through the certs interface today, looking at all the skills I didn’t have (Shield Management? Bah! It’s all about the armor, baybee). I was a bit bummed that I didn’t qualify for more certs, but my sps are also pretty much all over the place, so that’s cool. I mean, they can only make so many certs before the system becomes way too unwieldy, and if the certs are too easy to get, then what’s the point.

Some of the certs did have weird requirements, like Metallurgy 2 and Scrapmetal Processing 2. Thing is, you can’t start training Scrapmetal Processing before you have Metallurgy to 5. So there.

I found a bug too, or a typo, or something. And since the bug report function doesn’t work, I’ll just post the screenshot here. I don’t feel too bad about doing so, I’m pretty sure this has already been reported to CCP one way or another.

Jaspet for the win

Jaspet for the win


~ by Shaun Livingstone on November 12, 2008.

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