Comic: A Homage to Irvine Welsh

A Homage to Irvine Welsh

A Homage to Irvine Welsh

I finally figured out where stripgenerator keeps the arms. My initial plan was to just keep the guy (Shaun, I guess) armless, but once I found the arms I figured I wanted him to hold something, just to prove a point.

I also like how happy he seems to be in the last frame. Weee!

And since I realize that not everyone might get the reference (a thought that makes me realize I might be old), here’s an explanatory youtube clip:

The movie in question is Trainspotting, and features Ewan McGregor before he sold out and did Obi-Wan Kenobi in the so-called “new Star Wars movies”. And the movie Trainspotting is based on the book Trainspotting by the author Irvine Welsh. Books is what people used for entertainment before South Park.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on November 15, 2008.

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