Comic: It’s all about the money

Its all about the money

Its all about the money

It’s hard to fit all the speech bubbles into some of these strips. Bear with me.

Anyway, the inspiration for this strip was actually an article I read in today’s (that is, Wednesday’s) paper. Apparently the Swedish “music group” Ace of Base is gonna try and make some more money. This time using the fabled internet 2.0, and perhaps even the upcoming internet 3.0. What irked (aside from a sucky band earning a lot of money) was one of the bandmember’s statement that they’re gonna concentrate on India and China and the countries around there, because there there are some 2.5 billion people they still haven’t earned any money from.

Because if there’s anything Asia needs it’s lousy dance music from over-the-hill Scandinavian has-beens.

Not Ace of Base, but another Swedish act. A one hit wonder, if I’m not wrong. Haven’t bothered with an indepth analysis, but I think the chorus atleast sums up the music industry.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on November 24, 2008.

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