Back again

So after three weeks without internet, barring some quick thrills at terminals or on computers owned by friends and loved ones, I am back. And not a moment too soon; Amarr Cruiser V finishes up in less than 10 hours.

I’m writing this as some tech guy is working on the cables and whatnot, and the promise of the information superhighway beckons at a horizon that is fast approaching.

I know I have lots of dev blogs to wade through. Not to mention other blog posts from throughout the EVE-blogosphere. And then there’re the podcasts (tho I dunno how many of those I’ve missed, sadly (altho I completely understand why) their schedules are, ah, flexible). And then there’re the forums. And the rest of the internets.

How will I ever manage to catch up?

Perhaps it’d best to not try and take it all in, and instead kind of start anew with a fresh outlook on stuff. Let myself be amazed, and my eyes widen in wonder on all the new shiny stuff out there. What internet memes have I missed? 2 guys and 3 cups? Is that one out yet? How’re my favourite newspeople doing, Stewart and Colbert? They’re still on the air, right? I heard something about Brad Pitt starring in a WWII movie by Tarantino. Have I died? Is this heaven?

And then there’s Apocrypha, just around the corner. Which means an easy 24 hour downtime, changing out the hamsters and whatnot. I’m trying to decide what feature I most look forward to in that expansion. I’m afraid it’s the skill queue, that one I know I’ll be using. Wormholes? Don’t know. I will take on and tackle the new exploration system, however. But stupid and lazy as I am, that will probably have to wait until someone takes the time to write up the Definitive Guide on the New Exploration System. Send me the link, please.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Kirith Kodachi has done an excellent series of posts on the new exploration system. He spent quite a bit of time on SiSi playing with it and posted some really comprehensive information with pictures and everything.

  2. WB to the chaos that is a New Content Launch

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