Putting it all together, again

I’ve been pondering about taking up blogging again. As you might be able to see, it’s been a while. And before that, it was sporadic as well.

One reason to blog is that my vacation time is soon over, and that means less time in-game. However, blogging is something I might be able to do from work. Surfing the blogosphere works at work, atleast sometimes.

It’s easy to get overloaded with information from the so called blogosphere, even if you only concentrate on blogs dedicated to EVE. There are tools out there, various new media thingamajings and feeds and aggregates and whatnot. I’m feeling very old, confused and lost. I spent a good hour or so clicking this way and that and generally copying from other peoples’ blogs various technical solutions. Needless to say I felt awfully lost with the jargong and the various software and services.

I dunno. Does it matter? A lot of the stuff seem to be just another intricate method of shouting “Hey, look at me and what I’m writing!” – but then that pretty much sums up blogging in a way. 🙂

And it’s a forum where one can unhindered by (sometimes lack of) moderation say whatever one likes or thinks about EVE, its community and its developers. Far away from the cesspools that make out the game’s own forum, what with the trolls and that shitslinging and the e-peeness.

Not that I have much to say about the community drama or the 18-month wait debacle, but atleast this looks interesting.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on July 26, 2010.

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