Level fours – or, how I began earning money and stopped worrying

I suck at this game.

No, really.

I suck. I suck at it bad.

I’ve been playing more or less (subscription has been on hiatus a couple of times) since August 2007. That’s three years now. I’ve got 36 million skill points. I’ve never been rich in terms of isk. What money I earned I earned quickly and suddenly from writing for EON. (gods I love mentioning that I’ve done that once. I’m like a one-hit wonder trying to pick up co-eds who were fetuses when I was a big rockstar…)

I bought a lot of stuff for that money. A freighter for one thing. A hulk for another. A battleship. A second battleship. A lot of expensive skillbooks. I haven’t been rich since. By rich I mean “around a billion isk”. There’s no reason to stockpile cash, I mean, after you have 1 billion isk in the wallet, are you gonna start saving up for another billion? I suppose there are players who do that. For them the game is about earning iskies. The richest fella wins. Hey, it’s EVE. We all have to find what’s fun for us in the game.

But about my suckage. I’ve lost not one, but two battleships in missions. In level three missions. Level. Fucking. Three. Because that’s how much I suck. That’s how I roll. So with this in mind, imagine that I’ve been postponing going solo into level fours for some time.

Although, in my senseless and mindnumbing grind in level threes (partly for standing with a new corporation for me, but still, that’s an excuse, not a reason) I’ve found that they’ve been seriously easy. There’s been little more for me to do in those missions aside from assigning new targets for my lazors. So I decided, that once I’ve got the skills for t2 lazors, I’m gonna rig my Abaddon up as well and off I go into level fours. Come what come may. Into the jaws of hell!

So I did.

And it was easy. Like, so easy I loled. I don’t do that a lot. And I certainly don’t type “lol” in my blog. Ever. I think. I hope.

And the money, oh my sweet little baby jesus the money. The loot. The salvage. From one mission I got enough salvage to built a large capacitor control circuit. That’s huge. And a nice bonus from the rest of the stuff. It definitely takes a lot longer to do any one mission (I’m pondering switching to t2 pulse instead of the beams I’m using), but the isk/hour is almost ten times more than for level 3s.

I’m in childlish awe over this. And at the same time kicking my metaphorical ass for not going into level 4s earlier. Ho hum.


~ by Shaun Livingstone on August 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Level fours – or, how I began earning money and stopped worrying”

  1. Haha awesome! I remember when I first started to succeed in lvl 4 missions. It feels good to make isk hey? Eventually it got so mind numbingly boring I was made sick at the sight of a raven.
    You do them in an Abbadon? That’s pretty hardcore btw. lol (I write lol in my blog often I think… how embarrassing)

  2. When lvl4 missions become a grind (and they will) look into hauling a small/medium POS into a class 1/2 WH. the class 2 WHs can be soloed in a battlecruiser and they can make some serious money. This is what I’m about to start doing.

    If you think about going into WHs solo, check out this blog: http://eve-wormholes.blogspot.com/
    Lots of nifty info, and it’s what got me into it.
    Good luck, and glad to see that your back blogging!

  3. Laedy: I actually was thinking about skilling for a Raven for level fours, because I know they just rock at it. It’s part of my “Can’t do anything before I’ve got perfect skills at it”-mentality. Another aspect of my suckage at work 🙂

    Sable: Very cool. I’ve done some, like really tiny bit of, WH play with a mate holding my hand and showing me the ropes. It is lucrative, and has a bit of risk to it. For that I did go and skill up for a Drake (but so far I’ve got far from perfect skills for it… but I get by).

  4. I used to do level 3s in an Ishkur. As long as I was careful with the aggression there wasn’t a level 3 I couldn’t do. Level 4s were harder, and some of them almost impossible, but I found I could do most in an Ishkur too. I switched to using a BS, Dominix with Sentry drones, and got bored.

    I opted for WH operations in the Ishkur or a BS for real loot. I could clean out the non-combat sites in the Ishkur and I’d make more in salvage than a level 4 in much less time. The sleepers fire a lot of missiles, so low sig radius and high resists work really well.

    Now, I just rat and do anoms in nullsec. I can make 30mil an hour without thinking about it.

  5. Hell, you can solo some lvl5’s in an Ishkur if you’ve got the time. =)

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