Hitting the wall

I went and bought the Orca, and all is well financially. But now I’ve hit the wall.

With that I mean, I had a goal, which was to get an Orca, but now that I have it, I fumble with what to do next. EVE is open-ended, and I love that. But at times it’s just hard to decide on what to aim for next. Atleast that’s the way it is for me. There’s no real “goal” in collecting more isk, and watching the skillpoint total tick away. I need something new to aim for.

I’ve been pondering a Marauder. Yeah. That costs a lot of iskies, and I’d have to get Battleship V, atleast. Also I need to round up some Drake skills for WH raiding.

…and I could always roll up an alt an try my hands at PVP. A cheap Rifter set-up is, indeed, cheap. Anyone have an opinion about how to create a decent PVPer straight out of character generation? It’d be on the same account as my main so no skilltraining here, no sirree.

Does anyone recognize this phenomenon?


~ by Shaun Livingstone on August 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hitting the wall”

  1. the skills for a rifter are useful to any character if you want to pvp at all so I’d just train it on your main. you arent goign to be able to avoid training anyway if its on your only account so why not put the SP into your existing char.

  2. Yeah, you speak perfect sense. However, I don’t wanna PVP with my implants, and it’s a bit of a hassle to jump clone. Also, my corp has a very strict NRDS policy.

  3. What you wight want to do (with the Orca, & since you’re in a corp) is to look towards using it as a mobile command ship, which carries a variety of ships aboard to people to swap into and out of. With the right links available to swap and and out of hi-slots the Orca also becometh a buff-platform, and the drone bay is big enough to enable you to back-up agress. You will want good insurance cover and a major tank, though, Just In Case.

    And *don’t* take it out during a war-dec.

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