Going back in?

Well, this proved to be a rather ironically named blog. Such is life.

I’m not sure of when, but from the looks of it I stopped playing Eve sometime late 2010, possibly early 2011. Reasons are probably many, but chief among them being my tiny personal clone, that is, my son that was born February 2011. He’s big enough to grasp a Xbox controller now though, so perhaps it is time for me to get back in the game?

I’ve been following Eve and its development, mainly through the dev blogs. The game also has a knack of sometimes breaking into various news media, thanks to in-game shenanigans and scandals. That said, I’m aware a lot of changes has taken place, and that’s a a serious understatement. I didn’t have a grasp on the political map when I left, and I surely don’t have one now. I reckon somewhere internet spaceships are being blown up in the pursuit of making bigger and better internet spaceships.

While waiting for new hardware (come on tax return!) I’ll be doing some research. It looks as if I’m a lot richer in Eve than I would remember, due to prices having gone up on some stuff I own. Nice. But I suspect the same goes for stuff I would like to own. Ho hum.



~ by Shaun Livingstone on October 26, 2013.

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